Our team

      We are an Intermediary based consulting group with a long history in Commodities providing both buyers and seller with counterparties in various physical commodities through new and existing connections.  We are active in a number of products, such as D2, JP54, Bonny Light Crude, Mazut, Coal, Natural Gas, Gold (dust, dore, bullion) , Diamonds, Artwork, Soft Commodities, as well as a number of Financial instruments, Historical Bonds, LTN's and Trading Platforms.

                Our goal is to bring the principals in any transaction to the “table” as quickly as possible. This enables the principals to negotiate the transaction, and has enabled us to create a list of clients on many fronts. Our effort in the Gold and other commodity markets is to find legitimate offers that we can present to our buyer list that reflect a true business environment. So often we find that “internet” offers that are shopped around and present a real hurdle on vetting an offer. Not knowing if the product is still available and if the “chain” of brokers has modified the offer to secure their commissions are a real challenge. While International Law has very serious restrictions, the problem is still rampant.  We make every effort to get to the “real” sellers and buyers. Some of our clients represent Humanitarian Funds, Trusts, Businesses, and some of the largest buyers in the US in Dust, Dore, and Bullion.

                 Procedures  play a very large role in placing offers.We will not consider offers that require the client to place a financial instrument before they have some form of Proof of Product, because of the financial cost to produce the instrument.                     

                 When working with Precious Metals we continually seek Swiss Procedures and in the Fuel Markets we seek ‘Majors’ procedures which provide a transparent validation for both parties By using Majors Procedures (Commercial Invoice, Authorization to dip, and payment by MT103), both parties have the ability to know that the counter party has the ability and is RWA to move forward. The smallest of our contacts can take up to 1 Mil MT D2 x 12, and will place and RDLC for the contract once they get POP.

                On pricing, we endeavor to find offers that represent a fair transaction that is consistent with current market rates. For example, in D2 buyers are looking for product with discounts of minus 35 or 40 off Rotterdam Platts with an FOB Rotterdam delivery, although they are open to additional ports upon request. This provides them with the necessary margin to move very large quantities very quickly. Our larger contacts have offices in 20 countries and over 100 years of continuous operation and will take larger quantities if available. They also have a very large requirement for Jet fuel.

             We believe that we can provide an extensive network of existing contacts that would enable a validated supplier willing to work with the procedures an outlet for extensive production quantities.