Our team

Brian Kelly

Mr. Brian Kelly started in the commodity business as a floor clerk in the sugar futures pit in 1978. He then moved into the coffee business, becoming a floor trader in November of 1981. His impeccable reputation earned him an active role with the Coffee, Sugar, and Cocoa Exchange, Inc starting 1984, serving on the Floor Committee, Executive Floor Committee (Chairman), Business Conduct Committee, Adjudication committee, and Arbitration committee. Mr. Kelly was appointed to the Board of Managers in 1988, where he was the youngest member to serve. He served as Vice Chairman (1993-1995) and Chairman (1995-1997). During this time, Mr. Kelly also served as Chairman of the Executive and Compensation Committees, as well as acting president during a search and change in the position of President of the Exchange.

 On the personal front, in 1990, Mr. Kelly opened B. Kelly Trading, a floor trading company executing customer orders in the Coffee Futures pit. He ran that until 1999 when he retired from that part of the business, but continues to trade as a local to this date. In 2007, he started Carlisi Commodity Advisors, LLC as a venture into the physical commodity sector using established contacts in various commodities to act as an intermediary in arranging physical commodity contracts.

Keith Kelly

Over 25 years of industry experience developing hardware and software, 15 years of which as a
consultant or contractor. Products are diverse ranging from embedded systems to operating systems, computer games to applications for aircraft systems necessary for safety of flight, highly available and redundant. Projects include software and electronics for disk drive head electronics and servo mechanisms,spread spectrum wireless packet networks, telephony solutions for simultaneous voice and data, VoIP,PBXs, sophisticated pay telephones, call accounting systems, nationwide networks of kiosks, and ATMbased interactive TV networks. Many patents in the areas of multimedia streaming and real time contentmanipulation, routing, queuing and termination of telephone calls on IP networks, and overlaying of telephone networks on data networks. Contributing author to books and magazine articles, frequently speaking at industry forums.

Voice Vision International, LLC        CTO, Founder

MetroLink Technologies, Inc.
President & COO, Board of Directors;

PocketPyro, Inc.
President & COO, Board of Directors, Seed Investor, Founder

NetSpeak Corporation
VP Emerging Technologies and Standards, Founder

Manager of Multimedia Strategy and Architecture